Losing my 24 yr old nephew to murder

Posted July 4, 2007 by wellnessandbeauty
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It has almost been a year now since that dreaded phone call changed our lives forever.Try as you may,most people just can’t understand the devastation that a murder causes,nor the forever after  consequences of the changes in everyones life.  (The life of every grieving person who knew him or someone in his family.)  It hurts.  It is not something that you grieve over and it  goes away, it is a continual pain,a wound to your spirit tht somehow cries out to you through your daily activities like you would never have imagined.There are so many of the living wounded out there-that is even sadder.  No one wants or derserves to be in this”club.”Only those who have traveled this path can even come close to putting words onto feelings.Somehow we have to change the values of our world and make people value the right to live with such intensity that taking the life of someone doesn’t appear to be an option.We are no more a civilized society when we use violence to such a degree that we are using now.Wake up America!!EVERY life is important.We have to get that message across. We have to stop glorifying violence in all media forms with such a constancy.We need balance.  Here is a cause we should all support.


Posted February 24, 2007 by wellnessandbeauty
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The murder of a child is horrendous,the sufferring is endless for those left behind.  Where is the justice for the victims?  It seems non-existant.Our society is hardly shocked now by murder.  It has to be a multiple murder.CSI is one of the most watched shows on T.V. and it is about constant murder in our living rooms.One of our citizens was recently murdered because of a fascination of what it would be like to watch someone die.  My nephew was murdered as he was saving a life, because he cared enough to get involved.  The coward stabbed my nephew because he tried to stop the coward from beating up a cop.  Now the coward is out enjoying his life(no trial yet)while we suffer everyday, hurting for my nephew buried,cheated out of life.

violence in our society

Posted January 8, 2007 by wellnessandbeauty
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Violence is at an all time high.  If you don’t believe me, ask people you know if they have personally known someone affected by violence.  When we were growing up,I didn’t know anyone,but today my own nephew was murdered, my co-workers brother,my bible study leaders mother-it is everywhere.  These were good people, not in a bad area ,not doing bad things.  These were innocents!  The two men(my nephew and my co-workers brother)were just 24.  They had their whole lives ahead of them.  Neither started a fight.  In fact my nephew probably saved someone else from being killed.  My Bible study leaders’ mom was just watering her plants.  Don’t think it can’t happen!I feel that there is a pervasive disrespect for the life of others,along with a media hyped curiosity for murder,and a lack of embedded faith structure to keep people on the more staight and narrow.  We need to act on this so that our society can change-so our grandchildren can live to see a more peaceful world.It really bothers me that we practice lockdowns in school(after the fact) when we need to start practicing reverence for life(before the fact).